Round flow cassette

Round flow cassette advantages

The round flow cassette increases the fresh air intake by up to 20%, while delivering whisper quiet operation: down to 28dBA sound pressure level.

Available as a retrofit option

This innovative technology, which is the first auto-cleaning cassette available within the European market, is included as a standard option on all new series round flow cassettes. The auto-cleaning filter is now also available as a retrofit option for previous round flow models (Split, Sky Air, VRVIII and CMSQ round flow models produced from 2007-2009).

Choice of designs available

Round flow designThe modern style decoration panel is available in three different variations: pure white (RAL9010) auto cleaning panel, pure white (RAL9010) standard panel with grey louvers and pure white (RAL9010) standard panel with white louvers.

Lower maintenance

The auto-cleaning function means that maintenance is quicker and easier, as the dust is simply removed with a normal vacuum cleaner, without needing to open the unit, so no specialist maintenance services are required.

round flow_auto cleaning panel